1936 In 1936, there were 2 Khoh related organizations in Singapore. They are Singapore Gaoyang Association and Khoh Family Cooperative. Both associations were established with the aim of facilitating liaison and support to fellow clansmen. However in February 1942, both associations had to cease operation during the Japanese occupation.
1951 After the Japanese surrendered in 1945, the 2 associations merged and formed the current Singapore Khoh Clan Association. The Singapore Khoh Clan Association was formally registered in 1953.
1954 The Association purchased the building at 81 Amoy Street for $55,000 in 1954. This building was offcially opened in 1958 after renovation.
1962 In 1962, the Association established the mutual aid department. The aim of this department was to provide assistance to clansmen needs such as Chinese funeral music troupe, banners, etc., during their time of bereavement.
1973 In order to facilitate and encourage better education for the children of our clansmen, the Association started awarding scholarships and disbursing bursaries in 1973. This is done during the annual Lunar New Year celebrations. The award money is generously donated by the members.
1995 to present In 1995, after 40 years, the Management Committee started to plan for the renovation of the Association building. This was carried out from 1999 to 2001, at the costs of about $700,000. The splendid building now boast 3 storeys; the first floor consists of an open space that is used as the clan's office and for official activities, also including a karaoke room available for rental to members. The second and third floors are rented out to external organizations for commercial purposes.